10 Fun Team-building Games for Remote Teams

We love playing games here at Gr8er Good Games. And these are some of our favorite party games that you can play with a remote team to get to know each other, build rapport, and have plenty of laughs.

Some of these games are easy to play via videoconference and others may require you to have a game-master, who holds all the cards and shows them to each teammember when it’s their turn.

  1. Charades: There’s a couple of different ways to play Charades: you can have participants list the clues or you can use the cards from the official game. You can restrict it to nouns, verbs or media (ie: movies only). Once you have the list of words, you need to pick a game-master, who wouldn’t be able to participate. The game-master would then private message the list to the player who will then act out the word to be guessed.
  2. Pictionary: Same as Chardes, you need a game-master to keep all the words and distribute them at the appropriate time.
  3. Taboo: Same as Charades and Pictionary, but instead of acting or drawing, you’re giving clues without using the taboo words on the card. The game-master might have to take photos of the taboo cards and send them to players. In our experience, Taboo can go really quickly, so the game-master might want to send 10 cards to each player.
  4. Scattergories: This is a really fun party game that’s often overlooked. It’s also very easy to play as a remote team. Send each team a list of topics on a Google Sheet. Then when everyone is gathered on videoconference, call out a random letter and give the teams 2 minutes to come up with as many words that start with that letter that correspond to the topics. Repeat a couple of times. The team that has the most words that other teams don’t have wins. For instance, your list of topics might be: Foods, Restaurants, Programing Languages, Songs, Startups and Modes of Transport.
  5. Mafia: The classic social deduction game, Mafia is a fun way to lie, murder and backstab your co-workers via videoconference. When night happens, all players who aren’t in the mafia will just close their eyes while the mafia chooses who to kill.
  6. Resistance: Another fun social deduction game, the game-master will have to tell each player which team they are on and recieve their votes.
  7. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: This game is especially great for playing with remote teams. The game-master breaks up the instruction manual and sends it to each of the players except one. That player gets to defuse the bomb by getting instructions from everyone else.
  8. SuperFight: If a 6 story tall marshmellow fought against superman on an island of Kryptonite, who would win? Each team argues for their side and then the spectators vote and halarity ensues
  9. CodeWords: In this strategic party game, one player on each team gives one word clues to their team to try to get them to uncover the spies. You’ll need either a shared whiteboard with stickies or for the game-master to take a photo of the game board.
  10. Concept: Concept is a fun board game where one player gets their teammates to guess a word or a phrase by only placing dots by concepts. You’ll need to recreate the concept board on a shared whiteboard or something similar.

Bonus Teambuilding Activities for your remote team:

  • Name That Tune: Just have someone make a playlist with songs that aren’t too obscure. You can just have a mix of everything or have a theme (Disney Songs, 80’s Rock, 90’s Pop, Classical Music, Top Hits, etc). Then break out into teams: the first team to identify each song gets a point.
  • Speghetti Tower: Build the tallest tower out of speghetti and tape in 5 minutes: A classic teambuilding challenge, it tests your group’s engineering and resiliancy.
  • Fundraising Challenge: Each team gets $5 starting money and one week to raise as much money as they can for charity. The team who raises the most money gets a trophy and acclaim.
  • Do Sporacle Quizes together: Sporacle is a trivia quiz website with all kinds of fun quizes, from music to logos to history. Send a link out to everyone and compare how everyone did. It’s a fun way to play before meeting.
  • The Uncommon Common: Small break-out groups of 2-4 have 5 minutes to make a list of things they have in common. Then the groups all compare their lists and the team with the most things in common that’s not on other teams’ lists wins.
  • The Group Rocks Paper Scissors Game: On the count of 3, everyone displays rocks, papers or scissors. Take a tally of which one has the most, let’s say you have a team of 20 and 9 people played rocks, while 5 people displayed scissors and 6 displayed paper. Rocks is the most, so they win over scissors. The 5 people displaying scissors loose and are out of the game. Then all remaining players (the 9 rocks and 6 paper) count to three and display a new rocks, paper or scissors and you keep playing until you have one winner to rule it all.
  • The Team-building Bingo Game. Find or make bingo cards such as this, this or this with personality traits, likes and dislikes, life experiences and more. Make a couple of varieties so that not everyone wins at the same time. Then everyone takes turns asking one other team member whether they fit that specific bingo square. For instance, Mary might ask Bob “Bob, have you ever had a pet turtle?” If Bob says yes, then everyone may mark that bingo square off. The first to get Bingo wins.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Give each team a list of items, poses and people to find and then laugh at the photos of a “cowboy with spurs on” or “two team members on video-conference who are having a sword fight.”
  • Improv Games: Improv is great for getting people out of their heads and building rapport. Try telling a story one word at a time, or playing the name game on video-conference. Or try counting to 5 repeatedly while trading off with a partner. Or pantamime a story together with a partner: you might find that the story that you were telling is completely different than the one your partner thought you were telling!

And don’t forget to check out our remote team-building game. It’s the first team-building game specifically designed for remote teams. Part murder mystery, part escape room, part party game, our game was designed by an MIT and Stanford trained neuro-biologist to create communication, trust and rapport. The team has over 8 years of experience creating team-building experiences for companies such as Salesforce, Google, and Keller Williams and our events were just recently featured on CNN.

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