Time-blocking is our best friend

As a remote worker, there’s typically fewer constraints on time. Less meetings to go to to, less people popping by their desks to chitchat. So it’s even more vital for remote workers to plan and track their time. How to best use time-blocking really depends on the way you work.

Look at a typical day and figure out how your energy rises and wanes. Some people are morning people and can start working right away, others need some time to ramp up and it might be more beneficial for them to do some admin, busywork and save the more strategic, difficult work later in the day.

Also, time-blocking doesn’t have to be daily. Here at Patchwork Adventures, we time-block more on a weekly basis. Mondays are more about strategy and planning, Tuesdays are meeting days, Wednesdays are heads-down work (we almost never have meetings on Wednesdays), Thursdays are creative days to play with new puzzle and game mechanics, and Fridays are heads-down work and weekly wrapups.

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